The Last Librarian

Curating post-apocalyptic and dystopian books.

Ring of Violence

By Douglas R. Mason.  1968.  This printing, 1969.  Cover illustration by Bob Foster.ringofviolence.jpg


By Christopher Hinz.  1987.  This edition, St. Martin’s Press mass market, January, 1988.liegekiller.jpg


By Charles L. Harness.  1978.


The Shadow of Alpha

By C.L. Grant.  1976.


By David Mace.  1986.  This edition, 1989.  Cover illustration by Chris Foss.

A Matter for Men

By David Gerrold.  1983.  This edition, 1984.  Cover artwork by Boris Vallejo.

The Man Who Awoke

By Laurence Manning.  1975.  Cover art by Dean Ellis.

Ill Wind

By Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason.  1995.  This edition, 1996.  Cover art by Tim Jacobus.

Father to the Man

By John Gribbon.  1989.  This edition, 1990.  Cover art by David Mattingly.

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