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The Martian Chronicles

By Ray Bradbury.  1958.  Book Club Edition.  Jacket design by John Lisco.  Jacket painting by Gary Viskupic.

Everyone came out to look at the sky that night, to watch the green star of Earth.  There was Earth, and there the coming war, and there hundreds of thousands of friends and relatives, so very far away.  At 9:00 earth seemed to explode, catch fire and burn…

the martian chronicles


The Slaves of Heaven

By Edmund Cooper.  1974.  Cover illustration by Paul Lehr.

Man’s far future descendants are primitive, earth-bound people, preyed upon by the silver-clad beings who descend from the sky.”

the slaves of heaven

The Peace War

By Vernor Vinge.  1984.  Book design by Michael Collica.

The Peace War

The Compleat Dying Earth

By Jack Vance.  SFBC edition.  1998.  Cover art by Brom.  Includes The Dying Earth, The Eyes of the Overworld, Cugel’s Saga, and Rhialto the Marvelous.

The Compleat Dying Earth

Earth Abides

By George R. Stewart.  1949.


Earth Lies Sleeping

By Laurence James.  1974.

Earth Lies Sleeping


By Henry Kuttner.  1953.


Sign of the Labrys

By Margaret St. Clair.  1963.

Earth was a weird and dire place after the plagues.  The few humans who survived could not bear the touch of each other; they lived in the enormous, endless caverns hacked out of the bowels of the earth for the bombs that never came.” – Margaret St. Clair (Sign of the Labrys).

Sign of the Labrys

Farnham’s Freehold

By Robert Heinlein.  1964.  This printing, 2001.  Cover art by Stephen Hickman.


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