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Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer passed away July 19, 2019 at the age of 75.  He was one of my favorite actors, starring in some of my favorite films.  I wanted to spend some time talking about what Rutger meant to me, along with couple of these films… Split Second, Blood of Heroes, and Omega Doom.  The man was truly larger than life and made a huge impact on me as a teenager in the 80’s.


Rest in peace, Mr. Hauer.


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Kaimira Book I: The Sky Village

By Monk Ashland (pseudonym for Chris Rettstatt) & Nigel Ashland.  2008.  Hardcover.  Based on the Kaimira world, characters, and storyverse created by Chris Rettstatt.  Illustrated by Jeff Nentrup.

The book was the first of a planned series Kaimira, but on 11 March 2017, Rettstatt made a post on his blog confirming that no further books will be written in the series due to intellectual property issues.*

In a future where wild beasts, humans, and mechanical beings battle for control, two children, on opposite sides of the Earth, connect through a mysterious journal that comes alive to reveal a powerful primal force and frightening destiny.

the sky village

*from the Wikipedia article.

Dark Life

By Kat Falls.  2010.  Hardcover.  Book design by Christopher Stengel.

dark life

Simon’s Dream

By Susan Schade and Jon Buller.  2008.  The third and final book in The Fog Mound trilogy.

Ratminks running amok in the City of Ruins!  Evil mutant crabs building giant robots!  What was this post-human world coming to?

fog mound 3

Faradawn – The Fog Mound, Book 2

By Susan Schade and Jon Buller.  Hardcover.  2007.  The second book in The Fog Mound trilogy.

How strange to be off the Mound again, in a world without boundaries!

fog mound 2

Travels of Thelonious

By Susan Schade and Jon Buller.  2006.  Hardcover.  Book design by Daniel Roode.

In ancient times human beings ruled the Earth – at least that’s what the old legends claim.  But is it true?

Using alternating chapter of graphic novel and straight text, Susan Schade and Jon Buller have combined their writing and illustrating talents to create a book in which the form truly reflects the excitement and adventure of the story.

fog mound 1

Earth’s Magic

By Pamela F. Service.  2009.  First edition.

earths magic

Yesterday’s Magic

By Pamela F. Service.  2008.  First Yearling edition.

yesterdays magic


Tomorrow’s Magic

By Pamela F. Service.  Previously published as Winter of Magic’s Return and Tomorrow’s Magic.  1985, 1987.  This edition, 2008.

tomorrows magic

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