By John Crowley.  1976.  This edition, 1978.


By Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth.  1957.  This edition, 1976.

Out of the Mouth of the Dragon

By Mark S. Geston.  1969.  Cover art by John Schoenherr.

Witch of the Dark Gate

By John Jakes.  1972.

Eye Among the Blind

By Robert P. Holdstock.  1976.  This edition, 1979.

The Disappearance

By Philip Wylie.  1951.  This printing, 1971.

The Earth Remembers

By Susan Torian Olan.  1989.

What’s It Like Out There?

By Edmond Hamilton.  1974.  An anthology of 12 classics by one of the science fiction’s most distinguished authors.

The Burning

By James E. Gunn.  1956.  This first Dell printing, 1972.

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