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Elegy Beach

By Steven R. Boyett.  2009.  This edition, 2010.  Long awaited sequel to Ariel by the same author.

elegy beach



By Steven R. Boyett.  1983.  This edition, 2009.  Cover art by Steve Stone.


Z for Zachariah

By Robert C. O’Brien.  1974.  This edition, 2007.

z for zacharia

Atherton: The Dark Planet

By Patrick Carman.  2009.  Book III of the Atherton trilogy.

the dark planet

Atherton: Rivers of Fire

By Patrick Carman.  2008.  Book II of the Atherton trilogy.

rivers of fire

Atherton: The House of Power

By Patrick Carman.  2007.  Rare ARC.


The Dead and the Gone

By Susan Pfeffer.  2008.  UK print version.

the dead and the gone

Life As We Knew It.

By Susan Beth Pfeffer.  2008.

life as we knew it

The Big Empty

By J.B. Stephens.  2004.

the big empty

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