Star Gods

By Jack Lovejoy.  1978.

The Makeshift God

By Russell M. Griffin.  1979.

Rock the Big Rock

By John Victor Peterson.  1970.

The Winter of the World

By Poul Anderson.  1976.

Gone To Be Snakes Now

By Neal Bell.  1974.

Voyage from Yesteryear

By James P. Hogan.  1982.  This edition, 1984.  Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.

Cycle of Nemesis

By Kenneth Bulmer.  1967.


By Keith Laumer.  1968.  A volume of stories by Laumer including Greylorn, The Night of the Trolls, The Other Sky, and The King of the City.


By Vonda N. McIntyre.  1978.  This printing, 1994.  Cover art by Jean Pierre Targete.

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