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By Charles Sheffield.  1998.  This edition, 1999.  Cover art by Paul Youll.



No Room for Man

By Gordon R. Dickson.  1962.  This edition, 1963.

No Room for Man

The White Plague

By Frank Herbert.  1982.  This edition, 1983.

The White Plague

Nightmare Age

1970.  Edited, with notes and introduction by Frederik Pohl.  Anthology, authors including Paul Ehrlich, Christopher Anvil, Frederik Pohl, C.M. Kornbluth, Fritz Leiber, Kenneth Bulmer, Clifford D. Simak, Mack Reynolds, Kris Neville, and Robert Heinlein.

Nightmare Age

A Heritage of Stars

By Clifford D. Simak.  1977.  This edition, 1978.

A Heritage of Stars

Lucifer’s Hammer

By larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.  1977.

Lucifer's Hammer


By Michael Resnick.  1969.


Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot

By Walter Koenig.  1988.

Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot

Newton’s Wake

By Ken Macleod.  2004.  This edition, 2005.

Newton's Wake

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