The Last Librarian

Curating post-apocalyptic and dystopian books.

Seven from the Stars

By Marion Zimmer Bradley.  1962.  This Ace printing, 1979.  Cover art by Steve Hickman.


By Zach Hughes (shown as Hugh Zachary on the copyright page).  1980.

The Sheep Look Up

By John Brunner.  1972.  This edition, seventh Ballantine printing, 1982.  Cover art by Murray Tinkelman.  This may well be my favorite cover of any postapoc/dystopian book ever.

The Blessing Papers

By William Barnwell.  1980.  Volume I of The Blessing Trilogy.


By William C. Barnwell.  1981.  Volume II of  The Blessing Trilogy.

The Sigma Curve

By William C. Barnwell.  1981.  Third (and conclusion) in The Blessing Papers trilogy.

Exit Earth

By Martin Caidin.  1987.  Cover art by David Mattingly.

Against the Fall of Night

By Arthur C. Clarke.  1953.  This edition, 3rd Pyramid, 1967.

The Elementals

By Morgan Llywelyn.  1993.  This edition, first mass market, March 1994.  Cover art by Dave Henderson.

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