The Last Librarian

Curating post-apocalyptic and dystopian books.

The Institute

By Robert Petyo.  1978.

The Institute



By Thomas N. Scortia.  1974


Welcome, Chaos.

By Kate Wilhelm.  1983.  This edition, 1985.  A portion of this book was first published in slightly different form in the September 1981 issue of Redbook under the title, The Winter Beach, and appears in Listen, Listen, a collection of Kate Wilhelm novellas.

Welcome, Chaos

The Day After Tomorrow

By Robert Heinlein.  1949.  This printing is the 4th.

The Day After Tomorrow

Children of the Light

By Susan B. Weston.  1985.  This printing, 1987.

Children of the Light

The Watch Below

By James White.  1966.  This printing, 1978.  Cover art by Michael Herring.

The Watch Below

The Doomsday Effect

By Thomas Wren.  1986.  First printing.  Cover art by David Egge.

The Doomsday Effect

The Last Hope of Earth

By Lan Wright.  1965.

The Last Hope of Earth

The Men Inside

By Barry N. Malzberg.  1973.  Portions of this novel are loosely based on material which appeared in far different form as follows:

In The Pocket, 1969 by Harry Harrison, originally published in Nova One.

The Men Inside, 1972 by Robert Silverberg.  Originally published in New Dimensions II.

The Men Inside


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