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Plague Year

By Jeff Carlson.  2007.  1st edition paperback.

plague year


007: Twenty Questions

We’re seven episodes in and I realized that I never did an “intro” episode.  I thought about just sitting down and telling you all about me and what I’m doing, but that would be boring…cuz I ain’t the most exciting guy.

So… I took it to the twitters, and a fella (@Mark_Cordory) suggested that I do something akin to reddit’s AMA thing.

So here we are… twenty questions asked by the coolest cats out there.



* Intro/Outro music by me.

** Incidental Music by All India Radio ( from their album, The Haunted World.


A Darkling Plain

By Philip Reeve.  2006.  First edition, hardcover.

a darkling plain

Infernal Devices

By Philip Reeve.  2005.  This edition, 2007.

infernal devices

Predator’s Gold

By Philip Reeve.  2003.  This edition, 2006.

predator's gold

Mortal Engines

By Philip Reeve.  2001.  This edition, 2005.

mortal engines

Fever Crumb

By Philip Reeve.  2009.  This edition, 2011.

fever crumb


By Lois Lowry.  2004.  This edition, 2006.


Gathering Blue

By Lois Lowry.  2000.  This edition, 2005.

gathering blue

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