The Last Librarian

Curating post-apocalyptic and dystopian books.


Ancient Knowledge

The Godwhale

By T. J. Bass.  1974.  This edition, 1983.  Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.  A sequel (of sorts) to Half Past Human.


The New Springtime

By Robert Silverberg.  1990.  Book design by H. Roberts.  Cover illustration by Michael Whelan.  Cover design by Don Puckey.  Sequel to At Winter’s End.

At Winter’s End

By Robert Silverberg.  1988.  Cover illustration by Michael Whelan.


By Marvin Kaye and Parke Godwin.  1982.  This edition, 1984.  Cover art by John Harris.  Sequel to The Masters of Solitude.

Star Man’s Son

By Andre Norton.  1952.  This edition, 1985.  Cover artist, Laurence Schwinger.


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