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Post Apocalypse

006: Evan Pickering

Welcome to Episode 006 of From the Wastes in which I chat with Evan Pickering.  Independent author and creator of the post-apocalyptic book series, American Rebirth.  We discuss his books, the PA genre in general, movies, video games, Cormac McCarthy and Richard Matheson, using social media for marketing, how he deals with negative reviews, and FF III (or VI) on the SNES.


You can find Mr. Pickering on Twitter @EvanPArthur and his books on Amazon.


005: J.J. Shurte

Welcome to episode 005 of From the Wastes.  I chat with J.J. Shurte, author and writer of Days Too Dark, a post-apocalytpic tale of a future Australia that has literally been turned upside down.  We talk about his book as well as PA video games, movies, and television shows.  I keep bringing up Mad Max, so there’s quite a bit of that as well.  JJ talks about a new book project he’s publishing soon that might well change the face of PA fiction, offering writers an amazing resource.

J.J.’s blog can be found at and he’s fond of posting on Twitter, @JJShurte.  His book, Days Too Dark, can be found on Amazon.

The House of the Lions

By L. T. Stuart.  1983.  Cover art by John Berkey.


By Marvin Kaye and Parke Godwin.  1982.  This edition, 1984.  Cover art by John Harris.  Sequel to The Masters of Solitude.

Weeping May Tarry

By Raymond F. Jones and Lester del Rey.  1978.  Cover illustration by Carl Lundgren.

The Masters of Solitude

By Marvin Kaye and Parke Godwin.  1978.  This edition, 1984.  Cover art by Enric.


A Canticle For Leibowitz

By Walter M. Miller.  1959.  This edition, 1982.


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